Your Driver


Greetings from the back roads of Canada!


I’m Kit, your driver, and I’m currently on the quintessential “Great Canadian Road Trip” – heading to  points north in June and July,  east to Newfoundland in August (2,125 km) and finally to the west coast (7, 124 km) in early November. After that, I will be heading into the USA along the west coast.

I’m looking to pick up some virtual hitch-hikers to keep me company along the way, making this  a “Ride Share”  blog of sorts.

0212B883-9E3D-44BE-86BE-9E58CB5E6B23.jpegI’m travelling with my special little Italian Greyhound friend,  Pippa, and we’ll be visiting many of Canada’s National and Provincial Parks along the way. Thanks Parks Canada for the free National Park Pass! I’m a huge fan of local food  so  I’ll be hitting up lots of local farmer’s markets and camp-cooking with as many local foods as I can. Being a music lover, I will take in a music festival or two and I’m sure Pippa will insist on romping in an occasional dog park along the way.

I’ll begin by preparing my van, starting with a trusty Dodge Caravan and finishing with a custom-designed and built camper.  I’ll share the van design and build as I go, as there are growing numbers of people interested in this fun, minimalistic and creative way to travel. I’ve found a fantastic designer/ carpenter team to help me bring my vision to life and I look forward to introducing them to you in my posts.

I’ve enjoyed so many posts and pictures about van conversion and minimalistic travel on YouTube, Instagram and Pintrest and look forward to being part of this information-sharing and story-telling community.  I don’t know anyone who has done this (in person)  but expect I’ll  meet members of this growing Van-Tribe along the way. For detailed pics and lots of build and travel updates join me at  my Facebook page – “Kit Vantastic”  or on Instagram, as  @this_vantastic_life.

A9575461-77B8-46BC-AB31-4D99AFF2EC42I promised myself an adventure at 50 and here I am. Just so happens Canada is also celebrating a birthday of sorts this year too, so there will much to explore nationally and personally. In particular, I want to take time to know our indigenous communities more; that will be my birthday present to Canada and myself.

Somewhere along Canada’s backroads I imagine I’ll find something I lost but didn’t even realize I was missing,  and I look forward to finding it with you.


Kit & Pippa