Your Driver

Greetings from the back roads of Canada and the USA. And more recently, from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, which has recently become “home.”


I’m Kit, your driver and tour guide. My little friend Pippa and I are living on the road in a converted Dodge Caravan and for about half the year you can currently find us exploring the back roads of Canada and the USA.

We left our home in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in June of 2017 and our travels have taken us from coast to beautiful coast in Canada, down the Pacific Coast of the USA, into the great National Parks of Utah and Nevada, and to the desert areas of Arizona and New Mexico in early 2018. We are now at our “base camp” in Ottawa, Ontario, reconnecting with family and preparing for our next 6 months on the road in Canada.

I’m proud to be a member of a growing tribe of nomadic souls who are redefining life and meaning for themselves out on the road.

Sun kissed by the Desert Sun

What started out as a rather desperate effort to reclaim a sense of meaning after an injury left me unable to work, this experiment has become a path that changed a mid-life crisis into a mid-life adventure. Life on the road, embracing minimalism, curiousity, self-reliance, spiritual practices and community has led to profound changes in my state of mind as well as my physical and emotional health.

This is a blog about Hope, Healing and Journeys of the Heart.

Maybe you are looking to change something big in your life. Maybe you have a gypsy heart. Maybe you aren’t able to travel right now, but enjoy a good “arm chair journey” once in a while. No matter what your reason for sticking out your thumb, I’m happy to have picked you up.

The conversations we will have while you are part of this ride-share are going to cover all the juicy parts of life: love, loss, healing, hope, addiction recovery, community, taking risks, being vulnerable, adventure and the power of Curiousity. Welcome 🙂

PS. Please fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be a marvellously wild ride.

Peace & Safe Passage,

Kit & Pippa