A Month in a Minivan: Day 4

I woke up at sunrise and made a pot of coffee in slow motion. Sat in the sun and sipped, lazy as a hot desert day. The temperatures here in Quartzite are in the 80’s right now, so it becomes quite hot quickly. I start with two layers on waking and am naked by nine. I knew it from the time my eyes opened; the  only thing working hard today would be my solar panels.

The Day began in Slow Motion

I go walking for  an hour on the “Bare Trail”, which is 1.8 miles, and used by the Circle’s unclothed hikers. It is a lovely trail, created by members who work to maintain it. There are a whole new set of Saguaro to enjoy, as well as Ocotillo and a little lizard. I meander and take a lot of pictures along the way. Today’s walk has little to do with exercise and much to do about nothing in particular.

Candelabra Saguaro

On returning home, I enjoy a big bowl of yogurt with an apple, dried cherries and granola on top and then lie down in the van, just enjoying the wind blowing over me through the side doors. I close my eyes and day-dream for an hour, but I couldn’t tell you what about. I hardly ever do this; thing “nothing” thing. I feel a bit confused by it.

A little later in the day I go to town and fill  my drinking water jug and tank. I take garbage to the disposal site.  Pippa enjoys some play time at the dog park. I went to have a shower, but the laundry closed early because it was Sunday, so I order a pizza to take to the Super Bowl party at the Clubhouse. ( I was supposed to make chilli for the “cook off” but I just wasn’t feeling it today, I wasn’t even energetic enough to daydream! ) and I picked it up. (Strongly recommend Silly Al’s pizza!)

My friend generously offers a shower to replace the one I missed in town, which removes three days of fine desert dust from my body.  I’m sure I can now shower with less than a gallon of water and I feel rather proud of my conservation skills 🙂 If you’re going to be live in community or spend any time boondocking,  good water conservation skills are important to practice. Speaking of water, it’s also customary to  carry your own beverage with you in camp. And a chair. And a towel to sit on 🙂 Good water conservation and self-reliance.

The Club House at the Magic Circle

In the evening I watch football in the club house with about 50 others. I know nothing about football, but enjoy the collective cheering and carrying on.  A large table is overflowing with pots of homemade chili and all kinds of snacks. It feels just like any other gathering of sports fans I’ve ever encountered except it’s harder to tell who was cheering for who without jerseys to rely on!

Tonight at sunset I went for a second walk and  enjoyed the still of dusk.
The desert is quieter tonight; less rigs dot the horizon. I have heard more people talking about going home soon. It felt the same in town. Some vendor stalls are gone, the big tent is down.

Sunset between Saguaro

There is a “winding down” feeling washing over me today and I just let it be. Instead of pushing toward adventure, I’m going to allow the “inventure” to happen. The most energetic thing I might accomplish in the next couple of days much just be the perfection of my daydreaming skills. You will find me here in the circle, just  Letting it Be.

Beautiful Rock Art along my walk in campy today…

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