A Month in a Minivan: Day 7

Road Trip To Hot Springs!

My friend suggested we  a little road trip to Tonopah (about an hour from Quartzsite) to visit Eldorado Hot Springs (also called Desert Pete’s) After a week romping about it desert dust, how could I say no to that? We left the van here and took Pip’s kennel and a blanket to cover the window in the car if need be.


On the way through Quartzsite we took Pip to the park so she could have a good run before tucking in for a rest while we soaked,  because the key to a happy dog that travels well is an exercised dog that gets time with her friends too! I also stopped to get a towel at the Dollar Store, because I lost mine 10, 000 km ago but didn’t replace because I’ve been showering in places that provide towels.

The hot springs are just off of Highway 10, quite near the highway, but are tucked behind a nice stand of palm trees and a collection of small enclosures that hide them from the road. It was only 70 degrees outside  and we were able to park in the full shade for Pippa, who happily lounged in her kennel while we visited the pools.

We Have Arrived!

It was quiet when we arrived, perhaps only 5 other people there. The atmosphere was serene  and lazy. I loved the style of the place – it reminded me of the Caribbean – little wooden huts and fences, with a variety of pools ranging from a giant farm trough to cast iron claw foot bath tubs, to a large concrete pool. Perhaps 8 or 10 in all. There is an area to shower and an area to place your clothes. Suits are not optional here. Nude soaking only. Artwork is quirky and desert chic. There were chickens and a rooster wandering about. There were restrooms on site, and although I didn’t use them I’m quite sure I heard a flush! The area was clean and the water is running continuously through the pools and draining out and very clean as well.

One can soak for $10/hour or stay there for $30/night per person with full access to the pools. There are spots for 8 RV’s I believe. It’s a funky little spot, and I might just go back and stay a couple nights and really soak up the vibe.

There are also private areas one can rent, with a private pool and one with a little fish pond. I noticed twinkle lights wrapping trees and bet it’s quite pretty at night.

A private area you can rent for special occasions

On our way home we stopped for frozen yogurt along the highway  and gave Pip one more run at the park before heading back to the Circle.I’ve had a really restful night catching up with friends online and am about to go for a desert dusk-walk before tucking in.

Tonight I’m going to start looking at my maps to see what jumps out at me for the next part of my journey!

The relaxed pose of a woman who has been soaking 🙂


5 thoughts on “A Month in a Minivan: Day 7

    1. Hi Pam,
      I’m glad there is something in them that speaks to you. Thank you for your kind wishes!
      Kit & Pippa
      Namaste my friend

  1. This post at the pools/baths sounds lovely. I’m currently camping on my own in my motorhome in an empty lot in a town (Gulfport, FL http://www.proSuzy.com ) that has lots of lesbians. I’m getting a nice mix of time to myself and social activities. The only mistake I made was to not bring my bicycle along which would have given me more mobility (and exercise) as I’m trying to not move my motorhome unless I absolutely have to.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    1. Hi there Adlai! I wish I had my bike too, but them I guess Pippa wouldn’t get the same exercise. But I do miss my bike 🙂 I will make time to check out the link you sent, thank you!
      Enjoy your time in Florida!

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