A Month in a Minivan: Day 11

Crazy windy night last night – the howling woke me up numberous times, but I was happy to find the canopy still  fastened to the ground this morning (thanks to the 8 inch spikes I use for tent pegs!) and everything stored  beneath it, still there. The wind blew in a bit of a cold front however,  and Pippa and I stayed snug as bugs until it warmed up around 9 am.

My Definition of a Proper Tent Peg has changed

After a pot of super-strong coffee, I began working away at my list of things to do before I leave Quartzsite.

First task: laundry. As many of you will know, I only keep two small totes of clothes, so there is never more than one big washer full. I no longer separate colours and whites, that’s now too fussy for me. In another three months my clothes should be the same colour and it will no longer be even a passing consideration.

I decided to wash everything. Even if I hadn’t worn it, I can assume it’s consumed an ounce of dust just by existing in the van this last month. I stripped my bed, removed my duvet cover, and added both my blankets to the pile. I even took the cushion covers off! (First time ever, and they washed up well)

Today’s Laundry Pile

Got to town just in time to do laundry (forgetting yet again that the laundromat closes at 2:00 on weekends. While the clothes washed, I had lunch next door. Ive been here long enough that it feels like a little ritual now. After that, I took Pip to the dog park, where she had a great hour playing with two other little Italian Greyhounds. We are going to miss the dog park. I hope we find more along the way. Went and filled up the water.


Standing still just long enough for a photo

After that I wandered back to camp and have been chatting with friends and doing a bit of writing this evening.

The weather is report is less severe now, but I’m still aiming to head out on Tuesday morning. That just leaves tomorrow. Yoga in the morning, break down camp in the afternoon, long walk at dusk. That’s the plan 🙂

Today was what I would call a proper “oatmeal”  day.  Good coffee. Fresh air. Clean sheets. Happy Dog. Chats with friends about the everyday. Not particularly memorable, but the sort of day that sustains me 🙂



5 thoughts on “A Month in a Minivan: Day 11

  1. Calming reflection. I saw the video of Pippa and her buddies romping in the dog park. I need to go back and check out your build. I liked the glimpse I saw of the bones in this photo. I have a 2012 Toyota Sienna I’m gathering ideas for. I’m sitting in my small apt snuggled with my dog, watching the Olympics while reading a good book as the wind whistles outside. Even though I made a breakfast of eggs and toast, it is an oatmeal day. Gratitude.

  2. Your blog has become a daily treat to myself. Oh how I long to be doing what you’re doing. You inspire me, and if I can a) find a van/class B that’s a good fit for my needs and budget; and b) stay the course I’ll be out on the road as soon as I retire this summer. Until then, thank you for your posts — they are a gift.

    1. If you push the metaphor a bit further, contrast oatmeal and eggs Benedict. Would you feel good if you ate eggs beni 7 mornings a week? Would it stop feeling special after a while? LOL.
      Oatmeal is a slow and steady goodness 🙂
      Xo Kit

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