A Month in a Minivan: Day 21

Quartzsite will always be my first “desert love” because of the RTR and the WRTR,  but I have to tell you all – if you draw a 100-mile circle around that quirky little town, there is a whole world to discover in this part of Arizona – all vastly different from Quartzsite, and uniquely beautiful. If you journey to this part of the world, I strongly encourage; don’t rush through.

Today I have been at Alamo Lake for  a week, and today’s post is a bit of an “Ode to Lake Alamo”. Although not a “town”, the “Wayside Oasis” (four miles from the lakeshore)  functions, for all intents and purposes, as such in this area. Food, drink, laundry, propane, an RV park, gas, wifi, a lending library,  water, local news, mail service …  and today I discovered their SHOWER (for $3!) offers all the conveniences of a small town. All next to free BLM camping. The Alamo State Park is also close by, and tomorrow I will venture there to explore over there.

I have come to know most of the ladies who work at the Wayside by name – some of them seasonal visitors who enjoy having a place to socialize and be part of the community. I’ve really enjoyed my short time as a “regular”  but it also brings up other feelings, not all of them comfortable.  I plan to head out on Friday. And you know how I do with goodbyes and change!  (review post  #12 lol)

I’ve been spending most of each morning engaged in  a combination of writing this blog (usually at the Wayside),  moderating a facebook group and doing the ordinary tasks of boondocking. Enjoying a morning coffee, sitting by the lake watching pelicans, grebes, coots and vultures coming and going, and “tidying house.”  Being right beside the water has been magical. At night, the growing moon sparkles on the water. It’s all very mesmerizing.

Lakeside View of a Growing Moon
There was a “chimney” in the cave

In the afternoons it’s become customary for my friend and I to have an adventure while Pippa has her afternoon nap.

Today, in proper desert-exploration fashion, we set off for one destination (the Gladiaotor Rock, which we intended to climb) and ended up at a different one altogether (Skull Cave) The cave appeared along our path, not long after we realized Gladiator Rock was much too far to go in an afternoon.


Celebrating a Life Close to Nature

But before we set off, we stopped and took more pictures at the bus, because the first ones were a bit blurry and the lighting was different.  I really really like the bus.

Maybe there is a BUS in my future??

Creatures along our path today included 2 roadrunners (beep beep), 2 jack rabbits, heron, egrets, another bald eagle (that did a fly by) a cottontail rabbit as well as  2 mule deer down by the river. The desert seems so “quiet” at first… but if you stand still long enough, it comes to life in front of your eyes.

A Desert Giant





2 thoughts on “A Month in a Minivan: Day 21

  1. I have been faithfully reading your blog for the past 21 days. I realize there are only 9 days left. I will miss starting my morning finding out what you did yesterday.

  2. Loving your blog posts, Kit. Alamo Lake is now on my list of places to visit. This is my first year full timing and your posts have been really helpful. Safe travels, wherever you go next.

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