Here Lies the Slow Food Road Trip

The Slow Food Road Trip had some health issues from the get-go. 

I had a hard time leaving family to hit the road again. I’d been away a year; I missed them and they seemed to miss me too. I had a garden insisting to be planted in Ottawa; it felt unusually urgent my son have kale. It seemed crucial I see the dentist. I hate the dentist.

Still, I set my sights on a June 1st start date to begin my Ontario adventure through farm country. 

Then I got an email about a house for sale in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia;  perched on a cliff beside the ocean, next to the Buddhist Abbey. I’ve always dreamed of living in Cape Breton, particularly near the Abbey. Every bell and whistle in my body rang, demanding I act immediately. Having a fully packed van, I was ready to leave the next morning.

With only a couple of weeks before the beginning of the slow food road trip, I set off for the highlands of Nova Scotia with the urgency of an arrow from a bow. Never had I felt so certain about a house being “the one.” 

Weirdly; I got there, and it wasn’t. I was, however, now in the general area I needed to be for destiny to locate me. Sometimes the Universe takes me on side trips.

I promptly experienced a quick succession of unexplainable “coincidences”  including meeting a real estate agent who was a member of the Abbey and who invited me to a sitting meditation with others from that community. As it turns out, proximity to the Abbey wasn’t all that important, as the group met in other locations.

I soon found myself on the most beautiful piece of farmland I could have imagined, knowing I belonged there. In some sort of reflex, lets call it a 60-acre cosmic sneeze, I voiced my intention to be it’s caretaker. Before I could get a hankie to my nose, the offer was accepted with conditions, and I was moving to Nova Scotia.

I returned to Ontario and attempted to refocus on  the Slow Food Road Trip,  which seemed the perfect thing to do while waiting for the land-deal to unfold. Something to keep my mind off the waiting; something to do in the “mean time.” And it was mean, alright. It should have been a hoot, but I mostly wanted to holler.

Within three days my pants were too tight from the most relentless overeating binge I’d experienced in 20 years. I had a perpetual sugar hangover from all the maple syrup I consumed. Writing was agonizing. My academic brain ambushed all my attempts at simple story-telling.

I found myself irritated with the state of our food systems and unable to think my way to a solution. It was challenging to find local food in June. I was restless and lonely and wanted to be with my family. 

Unable to find peace after a week, and still in a destiny-daze from my recent decision to buy land and move to a new province, I went back to Ottawa to recentre with family and friends. Then I packed up the van with everything I needed for my new life, and headed for Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Without publicizing it’s death,  I laid the Slow Food Road Trip to rest in a private and unceremonious ceremony.

It was hard to admit I’d abandoned my beloved project without good reason. Was being preoccupied a good enough reason?  Had I really just bought a 60 acres piece of farmland? Had I really invited a church into my life? What the heck was all this  about?

The reason, I’m happy to report, has since been made clear. The universe simply decided I wasn’t moving fast enough.

I requested “slow” but the Universe said “Enough thinking! Do! “


My entire life I’ve been a thinker.

Think think think. Most of the work of my life has happened from my neck up. The most physical thing I did in most of my career was nod my head. I’ve always felt more comfortable learning than doing. I’ve cared about the earth, nature, sustainable living and local food for as long as I can remember. I’ve always felt intensely nurtured by nature. Connected.

When I felt discouraged or disconnected, I’d buy another book, or watch another inspirational video about things other people did in the areas I was interested in. I think I hoped if I just learned enough, I could somehow be a part of helping. Part of the change this beautiful planet is pleading for. This last month has been about crashing through my place as an observer and a thinker.

It’s just not ok for me to observe anymore. I understand enough. 

I don’t need more “expertise.”

I’m 52. If I don’t live a life that matches my values now, when will I ? That’s the gift of 52. The knowledge that “too late” can turn into  a real thing in the blink of an eye. 


And I’m not alone anymore.  Since my decision to buy the land, other like-minded souls are gathering with me to dream and do.

Since the huge shift, I’ve also entered into a second path of stewardship with two friends and we are in the process of purchasing an old church (1888) just up the road from the farm. As crazy as this seems, I sent a text to a friend that said “Do you want to go half on a church” and she said “Yes!” A third friend joined in. We are falling into our respective roles and stirring up a lot of energy. They, too, feel an inexplicable urge to act.

We dream of creating a local food hub of some sort, a kind of education centre for sustainable development, farming and communal housing; a place of celebration and shared community. It’s not clear yet what form it will take, but it is connected to the farm, and will be a shared endeavour. We are in regular conversation with the local church preservation society to better understand their vision so we can continue their work in addition to living our dreams. The church will remain open to the public as a place of meditation, reflection and contemplation for people of all faiths. A new kind of church. 

I’ve been hesitant to write this post. It was embarrassing, at first, that I didn’t complete my planned project. 

But today I realized that while I had the modest goal of observing and reflecting on local food, the universe said that wasn’t enough, and  insisted it was time for me to live it. To create it. To act. Decisively and without delay.

“No slow food for you!” said The Universe.  “Enough thinking!  It’s time to act! Chop chop!!”

Remember, I had a card reading done in Sedona? The reader said I would need to make a decision about where I was going to be geographically, and she specifically said “You already know enough. Share what you know.”  Now I get it.

Today I’m sharing a video I created six years ago., when I planted a small garden in the city and ate local food for almost a full year. I had dreams then, about a world where we had a connection and access to real food. 

That was six years ago and while dream remains, my actions are getting louder.

Today I’m going to try to change the world.

22 thoughts on “Here Lies the Slow Food Road Trip

  1. This is fantastic! 😀
    If you ever need any extra ranch hands, contact me! Such a place would be a dream come true. Can’t wait to watch as things unfold.

    Kelly and Sophie 😀🐶

    1. Hi Kelly and Sophie 🙂 If you are ever in the US East and fancy a trip up to Canada, do get in touch with me! Merry Christmas (it just so happens to be Christmas Day when I’m writing back!) XO

  2. Okay, let’s try this again. Maybe third time is the charm! (Ironically, the real-food-real-life address I’ve tried to use in the past is the email I’m subscribed under, so it’s especially weird that it’s somehow gobbling up those comments.)

    Anyway, I’d just wanted to say that I’m SO glad to see you back and delighted with this new direction your life has turned. (As someone who would *like to* do some minivan camping, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your other posts, but this too is a topic near and dear to my heart.)

    Although we’ve never met and probably aren’t likely to, I feel more “connected” than I would to most strangers, especially with these new developments. First, I used to live in Nova Scotia. (I’m from the States but lived and worked in Halifax for a while back in the mid-80s. Loved it.) Second, I’m a Shambhala buddhist, so have always had a special spot in my heart for the monastery in Cape Breton. And third, last winter when you were in AZ and I’d first discovered your blog, I saw one day where you’d posted a picture of something you’d come across on one of your walks, and I was, like, WAIT, that’s my friend Trisha’s rock peace sign sculpture! So, small world!

    I had wondered what had happened when the previous posts just stopped after your first week on the road, and had even worried a bit that something had “gone wrong” so I’m very pleased to see that, instead, something has gone very “right.” Looking forward to future posts and following along on this new adventure!


    1. WOW Arden, those are a LOT of NOT coincidences!! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply… and it just happens to be Christmas Day that I am writing… so… a very merry Christmas to you and yours…I have a feeling our paths will cross one day! Those are CRAZY connections! 🙂 I hope this message reaches you and you no longer have trouble with messages being gobbled!

  3. As always Kit your sharing of your story takes us into so much inspiration and wonder! This post especially because as a head tripper myself I have lately been feeling the push to stop living my life mentally and start physically creating more. Have great fun and good luck with the farm and church, I look forward to following along as all this unfolds. Thank you, and I hope we meet again soon.

    1. Well hello there Yvette! Are you heading to the desert this winter?! Thank you for your kind wishes… Wishing you an awesome 2019!

  4. Onto the next adventure, living your bliss, inspiring others! Some things never change! 😎😘

  5. Kit I’m so happy for you and pip you are a very inspirational woman and I’m so glad we met I wish you great success and much happiness with your purchase and your endeavor. Peace be with you my friend and I look forward to reading about all you new and upcoming adventures…Ciao For Now.

    1. Hi there Mark! I’m glad we met too… are you and your new friend going to the RTR this year? Hope to see you there 🙂

  6. Hello Kit from Penny’s Pantry in Prince Edward County! A beautifully written tale of your truth, this part of your life…simply amazing!!! I can’t wait to read more about how things evolve for you 🙂 Your GO!!!

    1. Hello Penny! Thank you for joining me on my adventures… I will pop in to say hi next time I’m in the County! All the best in 2019~ !

  7. Kit, I normally don’t read long posts, but it seems whenever you write a post, I can’t seem to get enough. You are a beautiful writer, that captivates not only me, but many others!
    This post resonated with me more than any other.

    I was in a similar situation when I was around your age, but I didn’t listen to my inner voice, which I normally do. I had an inner voice telling me to move to Newfoundland and start a business, running errands for seniors and younger people who were not mobile to do so themselves. Maybe it was just a fleeting moment and wasn’t my time, not sure of the reason.

    I continued to work until I retired 10 years ago, but my interest for the east coast and the ocean, never waned. My heart and soul is there now more than ever. So I thought to travel to Nova Scotia this summer, to get the feel of Cape Breton, which I’m sure is very similar to Newfoundland, is at the top of my list.

    I love the idea you have of growing your own vegetables, gathering as a group for social functions and giving to the community. The historic church is a wonderful place for gatherings, meeting and making wonderful friendships.

    We really do need to get back to basic living and eating healthy! The food system today is a very unhealthy one.

    Kit, you are definitely on the right track! I am so happy that you are listening to your inner voice, because this is truly your calling! What you are now embarking on and into the future will help more people than you will ever know!

    I also loved your video, even thou I was in tears watching it,lol!

    1. I suck at responding on good time. LOL. OK, that is officially my New Year’s Resolution. To be a better Blog-responder 😉 I look forward on an update soon about your move east… and hope to see you and Sharon in the spring! XO

  8. Congratulations. Sounds like you are finding yourself….and isn’t that we all want. I wish you much happiness in your new location. (I have visited it once and it is gorgeous.)

  9. You are such an inspiration! Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to our beautiful Nova Scotia…can’t wait to visit and see what you create!

  10. Kaaren.. I can not express into words how excited and happy I am for you!! Congratulations 💕

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