Edamame of the South

When the little goobers presented themselves again today in Louisiana, I had no excuses left. Plus I was hungry.

I had to laugh, because as I was scooping them out of the vat, a woman came up and asked me what the heck they were, and I got to tell her ALL ABOUT THEM. And as I was talking about them, I realized I was kind of ready for them.

Gas station Goobers

I settled into the van, and Pips checked out the situation.

Nothing new comes into the van without Pippa Investigating.

So…. drum roll…. they were really good!

My immediate thought was they were a lot like the Japanese food, “Edamame” which is essentially young soy beans, still in the pods, steamed, like the p-nuts, in very salty water. One eats them by gripping the pod with your teeth, and pulling the little beans out while you pull, then discarding the pod. I love Edamame!

Now, P-nuts are a bit messier, because you have to get the bean OUT of the shell with your fingers. So, not a good driving snack. But they really are addicting! The Edimame of the South.

Now, I’m a bean eater, and I eat a lot of beans. So, my “system” is quite used to whatever digestive work is required to move them through. My system was not, however, ready for Boil P-Nut. I’m thinking I can probably credit my long haul today to being propelled by a new kind of gas!

Now, I need to make sense of this other gas station phenomenon.

3 thoughts on “Edamame of the South

  1. I first saw you on YouTube providing a glimpse of your creative van. We have so much in common! I’m also a dog lover and writer. I, too, have been feeling the pull of the road and adventure. Your posts have invariably made me smile! Thanks for sharing these slices of your life.


  2. Hi , I watched a youtube of you with Bob Wills , was great , had to check out your site. Nice van setup. Still reading through your adventures . Very inspiring !! I’m looking forward to the same in a couple yrs. doing the Van life of travel and exploring.
    PS , the gator heads were kinda funky..lol
    Have a great day Kit.

    1. I agree about the Gator Heads. Something you just can’t “unsee” hahaha.
      Good luck as you prepare for your adventure!

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