Day 9: Superior Superior

After a while on the road, you will begin to recognize a perfect boondocking location pretty quickly. It’s different for everyone, but I want to share why Superior, Arizona has it’s hooks in me.

I think the population of Superior is about 4000. Give or take 1000. This is a perfect size town for me. I’m a small town gal at heart, and it feels familiar. The chances of me getting lost or struggling to find parking are nil. The streets are wide and the pace slow. For a traffic-phobic nomad who is easily over-stimulated, it’s wonderful.

They have a lovely “downtown” and a public outdoor space where people gather. There are benches to encourage proper lingering. I love lingering.

I love boondocking close to a small town I can visit for or a bit of social interaction, when I feel compelled. If that town has fresh drinking water, basic groceries, gas, a cafe, a place to get a good hot meal, interesting history and nice folks to visit with, all the better.

If there are places Pippa is welcome, I am sometimes inclined to become a temporary resident. And I have been inclined, as there are not just one, but two dog-friendly patios!

The Pip-friendly Patio at the Sun Flour Cafe, referred to as “Willa’s” by locals. Willa warmly welcomed me to town.

Superior is superior on all these characteristics but also has antique stores, art galleries, a renovated hotel, a senior centre and a number of other little shops I haven’t yet explored. Local artists are working restoring the many murals around town which depict the multi-cultural aspects of the local history. Which I haven’t yet explored.

So, in addition to finding town delightful and interesting, I also love my boondocking spot on National Forest Land, just six miles out; a perfect commuting distance. There are many natural places to explore and the Arboretum – which I need to visit again- is a short drive away.

The views from the camping locations are beautiful and there are many trails nearby. The ground is lovely and mostly prickle-free for hiking.

My current home, which I share with free-range cattle and coyote.

I love that the roadways back to camp are easy to navigate and not too far off the beaten track, which means I can stay out past dark without being freaky about getting “home” once the sun sets. I love being visited by my neighbours.

An added bonus in a boondocking spot is having place to have my propane tank filled – if need be- but that is a bit trickier to find.

Today there was a need. I just happened to run out of gas while conjuring my morning coffee, before my cup was filled. I think I’ve written about the importance of my morning coffee. This time, I knew where the nearest coffee was, so I didn’t panic. Plus, I’m learning to trust that what I need is never far down the road. In Superior, it was even closer.

After securing coffee, I went seeking propane, which I learned wasn’t available in town. I asked a local shop-keeper where I might find propane nearby, just as her husband happened to be leaving for a neighbouring city. He offered to fill it while he was there, saving me the trip. How awesome is that?!

So, aside from having all the “things” that make it a great area to boondock for me, it’s really the people here that have set my hook.

On Friday night, I was invited to Superior’s “Second Friday” party with my new friend and her friend. Local downtown merchants stay open late, there is street music, a food vendor, karaoke and poetry or book readings. We ended up enjoying them all, and then having dinner at my new friend’s friend’s house. Conversation was spirited and full of laughter, and the evening slipped away before I was ready.

At this rate, I may never get to New Mexico, and I might just have to stay in Superior until I’m asked to leave.

8 thoughts on “Day 9: Superior Superior

  1. I’m heading down Hwy 60 to Phoenix at the end of the month from my home in central NM and this sounds like a lovely stopping over place to enjoy. I can only get out a few times a month for a few days and I love Hwy 60. Nice to follow along on your journey. It would be fun to meet up while you are in New Mexico in April.

  2. Kit, Please delete this and my previous comment. I wasn’t thinking about your safety. Thanks1

    1. Hi Warren, thanks so much for kindly thinking of me, in both of your comments! Much appreciated 🙂 Glad you are enjoying!

  3. This is terrific to hear, especially for those of us taking their first leap into van traveling this Oct. This will be on my priority list. Sharing places to visit helpful but more importantly, knowing there is a community of travels helping one another. Your thoughtful and caring insights in your daily blogs most appreciated. Thank you for taking the time in sharing. You and your buddy be safe, and each day blessed.

  4. Superior is a great little town . . . one of my favorites. I’m glad you found a “new temporary home” there.

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