Day 13: Higher Ground

It’s a bit of a paradox; how sinking into something can transport you to a higher place. I spent the afternoon at the Arboretum, with my macro lens. It seemed fitting, given my recent focus on going deeper.

Aren’t the patterns incredible? The balance. The contrast. Light and dark. Lines and Circles. Spirals. Being among these succulent plants at times felt like being on the ocean floor; swaying with the tide. I thought I noticed them waving at me. When no one was looking, I waved back.

I am beginning, just beginning, to grasp why this matters to me, and what it is calling me to do. I grew up being taught to care about the environment. What if I am actually part of the environment? I feel I have known these words for so long, but didn’t grasp them. I am beginning to understand this isn’t something you learn in a book. It’s something you feel-know-live.

The clouds part in the late afternoon. Picketpost mountain took the opportunity to remind me how things change each moment, and as you look at them from different directions. And in different light.

So, I did an assessment of our camp site. There sure was a lot of mud. The outhouses, which I initially happy about, turned out to require not only the “hover” but also a tight closing of the eyes to use.

It seemed right to invite a little change. So, we moved to higher ground.

5 thoughts on “Day 13: Higher Ground

  1. Hi Kit, still like your blogs, very interesting how we can be in contact with the environnement…right now I’m in New-Mexico and leaving Silvercity to go see the Chaco Canyon and after this I’m leaving to Canada NB around the end of next week or later…

  2. I truly enjoy your posts every day. Thank you for sharing and taking us on this journey with you. Happy and safe travels! ❤👍

  3. I’m in the early stages of converting my Honda Odyssey and plan a trip in mid-May from North Carolina to California. I’ll be taking my Mom’s ashes back home to New Mexico and seeing how much I like van life. I’m a photographer and had to smile at your Macro shots today..They are lovely and I was in the process of editing my own Macro photos from an afternoon adventure in search of Spring because I needed something to get through another gray day.

  4. Ah, go ahead and wave when everyone is looking! It frees you and presents the opportunity to not only be a part of it, but also expand into all of it. Look forward to your posts everyday.

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