Day 20: A Balancing Act

Today’s cosmic performance presents the much-anticipated Spring Equinox and an emerging super-moon all in one over-stuffed celestial piñata, featuring a super-sized moon rising in the east exactly as the sun sets in the west. 

How is that for a sweet harmonic convergence? Splitting the day exactly in half for us, to the very minute. A perfectly divided candy bar; offered by a heavenly parent that understands how important it is to get those pieces cut just right. 

Supermoon setting on Indian Breadrocks

A day of perfect balance followed by a season of new growth and increased light. Woo Hoo! That’s my kind of party!

Unfortunately, I can’t suck a hard candy for more than five seconds, so I’m all about beating the crap out of that piñata to get to the sweet stuff before even considering the  “balanced” part. 

Fast forward the balance! Cue the baby bunnies! Bring on those bees! I want eggs in baskets and new blooms. I want sprouting and pollinating and fresh greens. Upward moving energy! Growth! More sunshine! While I’m making these demands, let’s throw in a skipping rope, road chalk and some bubbles! And of course, a desert super-bloom!

A busy bee, pollinating at Indian Breadrocks, near Bowie Arizona
Indian Paintbrushes, at Indian Breadrocks.

Before I can be spun three full times, I’m teetering in a daze, bat in my clenched hand and chocolate dripping from my chin. Candy wrappers spinning around me like I just survived a Kansas tornado. I suck at delayed gratification. I want the sweet stuff and I want it now.

Everything about today asked me to consider balance. Everything.

In truth, I’d much rather be thinking about bunnies and bees.

Mostly because I’m not great a balance. Balance is the whack-a-mole of my day to day existence. It takes a lot of mental energy to strike it rich in the balance market and I sometimes make really poor investment decisions.

I think of my food behaviour. That image of me with a piñata bat? Not a metaphor. How do I balance food choices when addiction and poor impulse control dominate? I think about meat-eating, and find another imbalance. How do I balance “what feels right” for my body vs “what feels right” for my intellect? Especially when I don’t always trust my intellect on this one either.

Every day I work to balance time experiencing this life vs. time considering what I have experienced. How do I tell the difference between tedious navel gazing and insightful reflection??!

I consider the odd state of wanting a “home” to call my “own” and wanting a “not-home” that is everywhere. The tug between being in the nest, and flight.

I acknowledge the ever-changing shifts between wanting and needing time alone and also needing time in community and with special people. How easy it is to tip the scale into either isolation or immersion.

I think of the ever-present experience on the road, of balancing between Moving and Staying. Coming and Going.

I feel the battle between wanting to remain in the safety of my inner world, vs. the discomfort of learning more about the outside world.

Sleep or Wake?

So, today I spend a bit of time reflecting on what is at the heart of this day called Equinox. How fleeting it is, this moment that we hang in perfect balance in the cosmos. How after this moment of balance, it will be natural to spring.

Heck, the entire cosmos gives it just a few moments every few months, the rest of the year busy with growth one way or another!

Maybe I over-value this thing called balance. Maybe it’s the Libra in me, insisting on it. Maybe it’s ok to be a bit out of whack sometimes and I need to relax a little.

I smile and scan the desert for more baby bunnies.

11 thoughts on “Day 20: A Balancing Act

  1. Even as a Libran I am okay with being out of whack on occasion. Being perfectly in balance is over rated. Being perfectly in balance is maybe too perfect for me. I have fought procrastination all of my life. I have struggled so much to be perfect that I haven’t gotten things done, ergo …failure.

    That’s just been too much pressure and I accept a bit pf chaos.

  2. As an artist who has been in a funk for far too long now, your words bring such visual delight to my senses, and your sketch brings forth my feeling of creativity cocooned inside myself. I find reading your daily posts every few days (in an effort to have more in one bite) brings an anticipation to my desire to travel with my art, alone except for my pup also. But alas there is that balance thing that haunts us all. To stay or go.

  3. All your talk about balance was truly hitting home because that is so important being a libra! And then you revealed that you are too! ❤ your daily posts! I sure hope when you return to your nest that you will continue to write! Because if you dont, I will miss it dearly! Cant wait til tommorrow! 😀 I seen my first bee today! Excitement is in the air!

    1. Pulling your inner and outer self together to obtain balance is something we all struggle with, cause there is so much pulling us away from that perfect balance, which is a good thing in many ways. That is how we learn and grow as we go through life.
      Love your daily post! I hope you will find time in your busy schedule once you arrive back to beautiful Cape Breton, to post many of your adventures as you work your amazing property and bring to life the beautiful church through gatherings, festivities with family, friends and local town folks!
      Love your picture of the woman in a cocoon state, in preparation for a new beginning as we enter the rebirth of Spring!

  4. That image is wonderful. As I move in the opposite direction, that of autumn, there’s a sigh of relief at the end of the draining heat of summer.

  5. Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. Enjoy all your photos and articles.


  6. Ah, the daily balance “whack a mole” Coming from a life where every moment was filled with stressful work and many family obligations , it is hard for me to relish the quiet and easy life I live now without a degree of guilt. I’m learning to tip the balance more in my favor. I greatly enjoy your musings. Thank you for giving me even more things to ponder as I wander across this beautiful world.

  7. Amazing how your posts always reflect some of my inner wanderings and wonderings! And I appreciate to read them in your poetic, powerful and varied images and words as I am not a writer but a mover (as in movement and dance) and I often feel “oh it would be so nice to be able to put these thoughts in writing” but I am certainly blocked in that area. when I write it comes out as “I did this then I did that and then I saw this etc….” so boring!!!
    so thank you to put some words on a lot of my reflections!

    1. I AM a writer but why ’bother’ when Kit’s words tell the story so well, am I right? I live to read her words…imaging I had myself written them.

      1. Lori!!!! This is not ok!! Write!!! The world
        Is thirsty for your unique
        And special voice!! Write
        On!! No one else has
        Your story to tell. No one 🙂

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