My Rearview Mirror

So much has sped by since writing “Arrive Alive” but I wanted to let you know I eventually reached my destination, very much alive.

But before I drop you right into the thick of a new adventure, I’ll bring you up to speed.

When we last met, I had just emerged, crinkly and new, from a powerful thirty-day “journey and journalling” project. I had to take a little writing break after that one, but the adventure certainly continued.

You know when you reach a pinnacle and sense you are about to pick up some serious downhill speed? I was in that place. My internal GPS had dropped a big red pin on “Cape Breton Island” and I was at risk of auto-piloting home, open-throttled.

Part of the momentum came from the fact that it was Spring. I sometimes felt I was cradling her in my arms, and sometimes I literally was.

Fields full of babies, at Gila Hotsprings, NM.
Baby Itsy, who lived at Campbell’s Post, Gila Hotsprings. Bottle fed baby 🙂

If Spring had reached the desert, that meant it would soon be arriving in Canada, and I needed to be there for that. Thankfully, I had important reasons to meander, rather than race. Plus it was actually still snowing in Canada.

First, I needed to deliver Kokopelli to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico; precious cargo that needed to reach it’s destination. This involved a wonderful visit with a friend, and a soak at Riverbend Hot Springs. Next, I visited Santa Fe where I camped with a dear friend from last season, and her travel companion, Symon.

If you can imagine this, Pippa was the more dominant of the two (we watched Pippa literally stare Symon off his own bed one day!) but he enacted revenge one afternoon (when we weren’t looking!) and took over Pippa’s living room! Balance restored.

After a great visit, I was just a short drive to Albuquerque, where my daughter Indigo flew in to join me for a a full ten days. This was our second van-trip together, and having joined me for 6 weeks last year, she was seasoned and ready for some serious nature-immersion.

I delighted in sharing some of my favourite places with her: a little soaking at Truth or Consequences, a little cliff-dwelling and spring-soaking at Gila. Some serious cacti- bloom in the Superstition Mountains. Time at Indian Breadrocks. Picketpost. Art-play. Awesome food. Tonnes of she-vannigans.

When Indigo wasn’t wowing me with her culinary prowess, she worked hard to help create a little video about life on the road; A Q&A session. I posted this to my YouTube channel, called “Kit Vantastic.” We had the best life chats hanging around in the sunshine playing in the art supplies.

Saying goodbye was tough, but we both knew it wouldn’t be long before we would both be back home, and within a day’s drive of one another. On route home, I went through Arkansas and enjoyed an awesome visit with friends and after that last stop, was full speed north.

Re-entry through the border brought tears of joy, and four hours later I was enjoying coffee at my sisters’ home, picking up where we left off, as if I had never really been away.

Got my Cape Breton Bling on, sipping Timmy’s coffee from a Canada Cup. 🙂

I then picked up my dear son Challian and the inter-planetary Elf-cat, Cornelius (sent here to oversee me) from Ottawa. Cornelius has been monitoring Chall while I travelled, but it’s time for him to resume his original duties; overseeing my comings and goings. It was super-awesome to be on-site to witness Challian complete and submit the last paper of his university degree.

The best part was they were both now travelling the final 1600 km of my journey with me, and Chall would be staying for a 10-day, first-time visit. We packed up and were on our way the next day.

Turns out Cornelius is a Van-Cat! I hadn’t considered bringing him on the road, but he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the two-day trip. There was no room in the van to sleep, so we stayed at motels and he was delighted.

I swear, if there had been room service, he’d have figured out how to order. I think he might just be coming on the road with me next year 🙂

But I need to stop right here. At the Canso Causeway.

I know that was abrupt, sorry.

But here were are. This is it; our last stop for this year. I’m going to turn the van off for a moment; we’ll chat.

This is one of those “portal times.”

You can hop out here, in which case I give you a big hug and say I’ll see you on down the road, or you cross with me. There is an adventure on the other side of that bridge; an unfolding that is waiting for me to arrive. You’re invited.

I can go alone of course, but you’ve been such awesome company I’d love if you still wanted to ride shotgun.

If another road is calling you, I wish you a bright, light heart and safe passage to your next rest stop. I’ll see you next year if the fates allow. You know this trip as been so much more meaningful because we’ve taken it together. Thank you, my travelling companion.

For those curious souls still onboard and drugged with anticipation, the bridge is open, it’s all green lights, and it’s time! We’re crossing the portal!

13 thoughts on “My Rearview Mirror

  1. I just found you at the end of this journey. Hope you continue your road trips. Living vicariously thru you. Regards, Jan from Boston.

  2. Hi Kit- wow! I don’t know where the big garden and telling you how impressed I am with your lifestyle and especially your positive attitude about life and the inevitable ups and downs of traveling and such a small space. A couple years ago I took K sprinter van that was used as a school bus and turned it into my own creation, with major solar panels on the roof, But still stealth camped for three nights in downtown Aspen without anybody knowing or caring.( and if you ever go to Aspen you’ll find there is a dearth of camping spaces within 20 miles of the town ).
    I’m not too much into social media but I am a photographer and videographer and you can see some of my work at Emerald Coast photography on Facebook, or find me on my personal site at michael ODonovan in Pensacola Florida. If you’re ever down this way, please know you would have a great tour guide and aWonderful area to park.

  3. I am so moved by you. I am so excited for your continued journey. “Crossing the portal” triggered something in me. I hope to meet you on the road. Love to you.

  4. Love to you and your beautiful children. Hope our adventures cross paths someday soon!

    1. I think the east coast may be calling you for a visit! Love to you and yours Holly. I hope spring has reached you on the west coast!

  5. Kit I want to thank you for taking me along on your adventures. I have anxiously awaited each photo and journaling as if I were on the adventures with you. I wish you joy in your next endeavors!

    1. That’s because you ARE on this adventure with me Kathy. Did you know that physiologically, our bodies respond the same to imagining sitting beneath a palm tree in the warm sunshine and sand as it does to actually BEING there? How fascinating is that, right? An adventure is an adventure, no matter where it takes place 🙂

  6. Looking forward to staying onboard with you for the continuation of your life journey!!!

  7. I am very grateful for the privilege of sharing your journey this past winter. You brought so much joy and inspiration. Thank you. I am enjoying hearing about the unfolding of your dream now in this new chapter. Very exciting venture!! Blessings.

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