An Invitation

Hello dear friends.

As you may know, I have come off the road to make my home on a 60 acres farm and nature retreat in Cape Breton Nova Scotia.

I have just embarked on a new season of storytelling called “A Year of Living Naturally” and I invite you to join me there. The shenanigans will continue but this time I travel by tractor 😉

I will keep “This Vantastic Life” alive for when I’m on the road, but if you are interested in what a nomad gets up to when she isn’t behind the wheel, join me at

You will find me cooking up local food at the Main house, day-dreaming by the river, hanging out with visitors, wandering under the spruce trees or watching the dragonflies at the boardwalk. Learning what it means to be a Child of Nature.

If that’s not your cup of tea, I will see you under a saguaro in the desert some time in the future, Fates be willing 🙂

Much Love, Kit

7 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. Hi Kit! Just saw your cheaprvliving video… it was fantastic, or I guess vantastic… lol.

    I traveled the western US when I was in my early 20s in a 1-ton Dodge Van… and I am itching to do it again.

    I love love love the pull out kitchen in your van. So I have two questions please (I know you are busy on your farm, which looks lovely!… so hoping you might find time to answer if you could please.)

    1st question is… on the back part of your van, how wide is the area where you have the “table” on the left side (looking at the van from the rear)? Is it wide enough to sleep there? I guess it is since your daughter did sleep there, but I’m wondering if you have the width pls?

    2nd question is… do you sell the plans for the built in wooden part with the kitchen? Especially, you described the pull out kitchen as being like a sled… so how exactly does it slide? Two wooden or metal runners on the bottom? Would you put ball bearings on the bottom if you could do it over?

    thank you so much for any info and I’m sure you’ve answered these questions quite a bit… sorry!


  2. I just love your setup and I’m from Ontario and have relatives in Ottawa. I was also born in Nova Scotia (but moved back to Ontario when I was just 2 years old – my dad was in the navy). Would love to connect as I’ve just decided to transition to a nomadic life. Just bought a van and am about to start fixing it up. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks for your inspirational blog/videos!

  3. I found your interview in 2019 with Bob Wells. We have similar backgrounds. Also a trauma survivor, I resigned a tenured associate professor position in 2016 and moved from Denver CO to Asheville NC. Seeking a slower pace and different quality of life, I am still not quite in my happy place. I would love to visit your farm and/or visit you if you are ever in the US. Barb

  4. Love your blog. Your property looks lovely. Maybe I will see you next summer. Im RVing across Canada in August to spend a month in Newfoundland.

  5. Hi Kit, so happy that you are doing a blog during the winter months, which will be a big highlight for those who follow you. It will be nice to follow you around on your winter adventures and into spring. Stay safe on those sometimes slippery roads and stay warm!

  6. I was just thinking of you yesterday wondering what you are doing. I still dream of having a build out like yours some day. I’d love to be included in your new adventure and especially in your sharing all the healthy foods you are preparing. I’m way older than you, 80, but my brain tells me that I can still live through reading your journeys and life stories. So very glad you have surfaced again!

  7. So nice to hear from you! I love your blogs. I am in Phoenix, AZ for winter, would love to meet you. God Bless from Laura.

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