Thinking Big

OK. It's apparent I'm capable of blowing things out of proportion. Like the interior dimensions of my van, for example. It seems my spirit of optimism, while very useful in other aspects of life, adds space and legroom where there might not be any. All of that to say,  it appears we have a space issue to deal … Continue reading Thinking Big

The Van Team

When an adventure is big enough, or has enough energy behind it, a team naturally grows. The seed for this adventure was sown 10 years ago when I decided I would have an adventure at 50. But it was lay dormant until three months ago when a close friend sent me a link about a young woman living in … Continue reading The Van Team

Embracing Space

I love creating special spaces. You know, like little nooks and crannies with multiple functions, or peaceful corners in a garden. It's a way of being who you are in the world, and expressing your inner self. Designing a living space in a van is no different - it can be rich, rewarding and deeply creative. Working with … Continue reading Embracing Space