Day 30: Off Ramp

I laughed when I woke up this morning. How will I ever leave this place? Has it been three days or a week? Time is circular in a portal. Not straight at all.

Instead of planning, which always leads me astray, I simply wait and watch. Now with earnest.

The first sign comes from Kokopelli. If you have spent any time in the Southwest of the US, you know this fellow. What an honour to be visited by him!

Primarily known for his role as a fertility deity, he is also associated with music, art and being a trickster. He shows up in rock paintings and carvings over a wide geographical area and is associated with Hopi, Anasazi and Zuni cultures. His name means something like “woodenbacked” or “the hunchbacked one.”

So here is how he comes to me. I’m visiting the Nature Centre at the Research Centre, and I’m about to have a coffee on the patio with the woman who is minding the nature store, when I see THIS!

That just happens to be a cute little stuffed Kokopelli, attached to a walking stick, that I just HAPPEN to know was lost by a fellow traveller and nomad friend I have contact with on my Facebook page! Lost, I highly doubt. He seems like the kind of guy who plans everything.

I connect with my pal, and plan to deliver it to her in Truth or Consequences in the next couple weeks. I have to go through this area on my way to get my daughter in a week, so it’s perfect. It’s not an immediate opening, but it’s definitely a crack in the door. A bit of direction.

Seems Kokopelli was stuck here in Portal too, and had been looking for a ride, and I’m delighted I’ve become his portal. . Where that doorway is, I’m not quite sure, but Koko is now riding shotgun.

A bit confused, given he’s the god of fertility and I’m menopausal, but I think about this for a moment. You don’t have to be a mother to be a mother. Maybe something else is preparing to be born? Maybe it has something do with music? Or is he playing a trick on me?

Pip and I go for a very long walk along the creek to the Sunny Flats campground and there are doorways everywhere. I apologize, this phase should pass soon. It’s just I’m a bit stuck on finding my way back.

Sure enough we arrive at the campground, and at the first campsite we reach, out comes Sue and her dog. Sue is a full time RV-er and has been on the road for seven years. Within five minutes we discover that she worked (loosely) with a neighbour in Cape Breton, has been to her bird-themed gift shop there, and is currently wearing a beautiful pair of feather earrings she bought there. Ah, a hint! Feathers! Wings! Maybe I will be flying out? Before we say goodbye, she unplugs that theory and points to the off-ramp Ive been looking for.

“Have you been to Gila Hot Springs yet?” she asks. I attach to the yet.

Not yet, I repeat.

“You really need to go.” she says. “The springs are beautiful, and you can go into the nearby cliff dwellings and meditate. No one will bother you. It’s beautiful.”

I accept the key, we exchange contact information and off we go!

I have a busy afternoon ahead. While Pippa rests from our walk, I clean a very messy van, find a new home for the books I’m collecting, and wash my hair.

It’s time to go. Koko and I found the off-ramp!

6 thoughts on “Day 30: Off Ramp

  1. I can’t believe you found Koko! That is the most incredible thing! Was this where Karylee lost him??? I also love that you stopped at Gila Hot Springs. It was too cold when I was there to stay (20 degrees) but what a beautiful place! Loving your blog!

  2. Hey Kit! I recently started my ‘vanlife’ journey in my new Honda Odyssey (Goldie). I departed from Scottsdale, made my way through the California desert to San Diego, and am currently in Sedona. I will be headed to Canyon De Chelly before entering NM and making my way to Atlanta. I’ll eventually end up back In Boston (where I’m from) but no rush. I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog as it helps me feel connected to other vanlifers. Maybe we’ll run into each other on the road someday. Regards, Jon Michael. #thetravelingbusker@instagram

  3. I have just found you after watching a YouTube interview that you did! Interesting. When you spoke, both in the interview, and this beautiful story, I came to feel that we could be friends. I don’t usually do this. I simply felt the impulse to let you know that your words have moved me in a profound way. I’m not sure to where. I will trust and see what happens!

  4. I just love your journey, and that you share it so well and so beautifully. You have such a unique and perceptive way of finding meaning in the beauty and nature around you. Quite compelling, and a lovely way to travel along (virtually) with you. Thank you for sharing. 💛 😎

  5. Dear Kit, thank you for these awe inspiring journals (journeys) you have shared over the last month. Ditto to what was said by Joanne. If and when you get to tryout the Tail Veil, please give a review. I have thought about the concept and think that I might use magnets to hold tight to the vehicle and weights of some sort (isandbags) around the inside perimeter to stabilize during higher winds. Also, if you head “home” via I-40 to I-81 you will pass very close to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and if you feel led to visit I would be glad to buy you lunch and show you around Cherokee on the eastern side. There is some National Forest around for free camping and numerous campgrounds. For reference you can contact Bob Wells as I have been in contact with him by email. He lived in Asheville. Bob, as well as Carolyn and Wayne Wirs have traveled close by this area, although we never got a chance to meet. All the best this summer in Cape Breton and you might plan a visit to Gampo Abbey if you haven’t already.

  6. Wow, and wow. How amazing these last three days you have shared. I hope you know how important you have become in sharing what is truly important, but more importantly being authentic. Sharing on your adventures I have placed these destinations on my bucket list, and would not have known if you hadn’t taken the time to share, thank you many times over. Love how you are embracing the simplest of things, but more importantly not of possessions. There is a reason, and purpose you share the lovely adventures you take, and this I know are for a number of reasons. It is so important women are empowered to be good to themselves, stay true to oneself (not easy at times) and, if we make a difference in other women’s lives truly amazing. I do hope I meet you someday, to thank you and accomplishing the road trip ahead that I have been praying on. Many blessings, safe travels and happy birthday.

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