Rest Stops

I have a general idea where I’m going,  and usually a bit of a time-line for getting there,  but these days I am often led by inclination or inspiration. Pippa has a say in how we spend our days as well, of course! If you live with a dog, you know how they insist on being consulted.

Although I have a GPS and am working hard at becoming more adept at using paper maps, I travel with an internal map I depend on more. It’s the one that tells me where and when to take a break, when I need to be close with people and when I need a period of solitude.

Words from my Favourite Philosopher

Hopefulness. Curiosity, Balance and Respect. Honesty, Health and Wellness. Living Gently, Simplicity and Community.

If these are the kinds of places you like to visit,  we are going to enjoy one another’s company.