Day 29: Nature Speaks

Words aren’t working today, so I’m going with images. Apparently, I’ve used up my word quota for the week, and I remind myself that communication isn’t restricted to words. So, I’ll take you on a visual journey instead.

This first collection of photos were taken up a very night mountain in Cave Creek Canyon; 8,500 feet in altitude. The road was winding and thin, with no guardrails. I never knew what was around each corner. Much like in life, it occurs to me.

I went slow and stopped often to grasp what I was seeing, which changed around every turn as we climbed. It was a bit hazy, but if you look carefully you will appreciate the subtle differences in colours in the distance, and the many miles of land below will become apparent. There are lakes down there, other mountain ranges, and other roads beckoning.

There was snow at the top and it was windy. I am in a new ecosystem altogether. There is an old chimney, maybe part of an old building that once stood there, and a firepit with a wind-break that says a lot. It’s bear country, but my visit was bear-free.

Pips and I wandered around the top for almost two hours, along the ridge. Among a large flock of wild turkeys, and often looking down on the trees.

It was a silent, reflective day. Pippa actually barked at me in the late afternoon; I think reminding me to talk. Once I did, she relaxed her gaze and lied down; at which time I told her the story of how she came to live with me, and she quickly went to sleep. Typical teenager.

What does this image bring up for you?

The rest of today’s mostly-wordless journal are photos taken during my meandering around Portal, the forest and the mountains.

On days when I have few words, I sometimes just look at a photo for a long time and see what comes up.

Choose a photo that somehow speaks to you and relax into. What do the shapes of the rocks say to your soul? What do the doorways in the trees say to you? The dark caverns in the side of the mountain? The rock formations looking over the canyon? The tall pine tree? The rushing water?

Nature talks to us, and it’s a gift to listen. I hope some of you might accept the invitation to listen with me today. Do share your experience if you feel moved.

4 thoughts on “Day 29: Nature Speaks

  1. Hola, it was really refreshing to find your story and journey in your minivan with your wippet. Best wishes on your travels. Saludos, Cesar

  2. Thanks so much for taking us with you on this journey. I am amazed at the clarity of your photos. Some of these holes make me think of shamanic journeying that starts by going through an opening in a tree and traveling down below to the underworld.

  3. Thanks so much. I hope to be able to do what you are doing on a smaller scale next year. Love the beautiful photos and your reflections. Loved it here in KY.

  4. Seeing these photos made me want to travel again. Its spring here in N C. Time yo hit the road.

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