Thinking Big

OK. It’s apparent I’m capable of blowing things out of proportion. Like the interior dimensions of my van, for example. It seems my spirit of optimism, while very useful in other aspects of life, adds space and legroom where there might not be any.

All of that to say,  it appears we have a space issue to deal with before moving forward, and I’m going to the workshop tomorrow to help make some decisions. Specifically, the fridge is not fitting where it is supposed to fit and Marty is concerned I’m not going to be happy with floor space left for feet once the bench is built to be part of a second sleep space.

The Chuckwagon Frame from the side door

Also, the bed wasn’t quite level and the bed needs to be level in order for the bench to align properly with the bed as a second sleeping space, and that has been fixed. Yay, team!

I’ve heard people sometimes have breakdowns over renovations. Not me. I don’t have time for that!  Mostly, I’m just curious how we are going to solve this problem.

I spent time looking at the photos Marty posted to Dropbox and imagining where I might find an inch or two. We could make the chuckwagon wider  (that’s what we call the cabinet with the pull out drawer),  that’s another option. I could re-think the bench. Or forget the bench altogether.

Thinking  big has it’s challenges.

But, it’s a nice way to think. Spacious and light. I’m going to keep it.

I look forward to surveying my Kingdom in the back of the van and contemplating space; trying to think a little bit big. But just a little.







One thought on “Thinking Big

  1. I just happened across your interview on YouTube. As someone who has travelled a fair bit (not full time) with my partner in a Dodge Grand Caravan, and are also Canadians (London, On) I find your adventure quite interesting. We are now (retired) waiting delivery of a Pleasure Way Tofino and hope to take up the wandering as soon as we can. I will start to make my way through your blogs in anticipation.

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